Ilmenau University of Technology, Software Architectures and Product Lines Group, Ilmenau, GERMANY

Research interests:
efficient development of software architectures and product lines in different application domains, analysis and assessment of software architectures, methods and tools for software development

Keynote address:
Smart Software as Future Challenge

Software systems are becoming “smarter”. Such systems acquire and process more sensor data, they interact massively and algorithms play a key role in analyzing the data. Future systems will become bigger by integrating existing systems and new, smaller (IoT) systems. The challenges in this arena are the management of the huge amount of data, at the same time address data security in a proper way, and use the smart systems smart.

Detlef STREITFERDT is the leading of the Software Architectures and Product Lines group at the Ilmenau University of Technology since August 2010. The research fields are the efficient development of software architectures and product lines, their analysis and their assessment as well as software development processes and model-driven development. Before that, he was Principal Scientist at the ABB AG Corporate Research Center in Ladenburg, Germany, where he started 2005. He was working in the field of software development for embedded systems. Detlef studied Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart and spent a year of his studies at the University of Waterloo in Canada and graduated 1999. He received his doctoral degree from the Technical University of Ilmenau in the field of Requirements Engineering for Product Line Software Development in 2004.

DAS 2018
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